Jérôme & Gabriele – beats from the swiss alps

Groovy and witty are the words that come to mind when describing Jabrome’s sound.

Jabrome is a DJ and producer duo born from the collaboration of childhood friends and partners in crime Jérôme Roy and Gabriele Ciotola.

After a few incubation years, the duo consolidated in 2016, as they joined the local collective and party “Origami Vibes” as resident DJ’s. Through Origami’s events, they had the opportunity to play alongside international artists such as Janina, Rosh, Vera, Anthea, and Karotte. 

While playing in different clubs around Switzerland, Jabrome independently released their first house and techno tracks between 2017 and 2018. The releases, though very rudimentary, gave them exposure and visibility to event organizers and local radio shows as well as motivation to improve and collaborate further.

In November 2017 Jabrome had the opportunity to play a 4-hour set in the House hall of Sisyphos in Berlin, which not only gave them a better perspective on the thriving Berlin underground scene but was also an important milestone and key motivation to consider underground music and their project, as a real career opportunity.

Gabriele moved to Berlin in 2018 to study electronic music production at dBs Music and has been further exploring his sound and influences, while keeping a close collaboration with Jérôme. In the same year, in fact, Jabrome played their first Live-set in their home-town Locarno for Associazione Canapè and since then, they have been developing and perfecting a new Live Performance to go with the release of their debut EP planned for the end of 2019.

This year the duo has already released 3 single tracks on independent labels, with a new one on the way for the German imprint ‘Tiefdruckgebeat’. While waiting for new music, you can travel trough Jabrome’s monthly podcast ‘I Misteri del Cosmo’, featuring a wide range of electronica and underground music, as well as special guests, and a bit of spoken Italian.