FLEOX & NORDEND are a passionate DJ duo hailing from the region of Bern, Switzerland. The duo is made up of Florian Baumgartner, also known as FLEOX, and Elias Wehrlin, who goes by the stage name NORDEND.
FLEOX has been producing music for almost a decade and has released numerous tracks both solo and in collaboration with other musicians and producers. Together, FLEOX and NORDEND mainly focus on producing electronic dance music and are excited to release new tracks throughout this year.
With a dedication to music production and a commitment to constantly evolving their sound, FLEOX and NORDEND have found their niche in the Swiss electronic music scene. Their unique blend of Deep House, Tech House, and Melodic Techno ensures a powerful and atmospheric experience for their audience.
Their premiere performance as a DJ duo will be at Rattenfest 2023, where they are eager to showcase their talent to their fans. With their passion for electronic dance music, FLEOX & NORDEND are poised for continued success in the industry.